The sad news rung the door bell. We refused to open, so the knocking continued, and when we refused to answer, it twisted the door knob, came in and robbed us of our joy. Reality dawned on us that you had gone. We felt a prickly feeling in our hearts. Tears found a clear runway down our cheeks, a confirmation that there was a storm raging within.

A beautiful flower has been plucked off our garden, and the aftermath saddens us. A flurry of questions, an avalanche of pain; drained in pain. But again, God is always good. He has put a full stop, We will not replace His full stop with a question mark. God knows best, we pray He gives us the strength not to stress.

You were a great family lady. The song "A Mother's Love" by Jim Brickman clearly defines you. A wonderful wife; always on the fore front to support your family. The memories of you will forever be etched in our hearts. Your smile will always be in front of our mind's eye. You gave life in this world meaning, by being the kind of friend who overlooks someone's broken gate, letting your eyes veer to the beautiful flowers in that person's garden. It's painful to accept that you're gone. Hearts are full with pain, locked in homes. As the clock ticks, minds stick to your powerful mentorship. You strongly believed that knowledge only makes you feel special, but dissemination of that knowledge to others makes others feel special. You believed that what you do for others lives on forever, and so you gladly mentored others, bringing out the best in them, without a scintilla of fear that their success would pose a threat to your Library profession.

We shall miss you always, and we shall always cleave unto the memories of you; the memories of a life well lived. Your passion in your work; great passion which was up there at the peak of excellence, will always give us a reason to have great adulation for you. You were active in Church, indeed; excellence comes when we connect to our creator. Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight". Thank you dear one for teaching us that lesson.

Your absence will forever be greatly felt, in our minds and in our hearts you will forever be held. It is very difficult to accept that you are gone. Brighten heavens our beloved one. Words may not fully express how awesome you were, but hearts know. You may have gone, but you are immortal. Yes! Immortal because you live on and will forever live on in our hearts. Until we meet again, fare thee well.